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Valentine's Day Provokes Demonstrations
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Post Valentine's Day Provokes Demonstrations 

Traditional Hindus and Muslims took to the streets in India, protesting the growing observance of Valentine's Day in their societies and condemning Western "corruption" of morals and tradition.

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Oh GIVE me a break! When did we force them to observe this "made up" holiday anyway?

I'm getting heartily sick of countries accusing the US or the WEST of corrupting their societies by our influence.

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I agree, LadyM, that's tedious.

Although, V-Day isn't a made-up holiday any more than Christmas or Easter are made up. (And, in my theological view, they are, but...)

The popular theory is that greeting card companies invented V-Day. That's not accurate. Did they commercialize it to death? Sure. But they didn't invent it.

Valentine's Day actually used to be called St. Valentine's Day, and it's origin comes from Catholicism. The saint that it celebrates is a guy who continued to perform weddings despite and edict against it; after he was canonized, he became the patron saint of... lovers. Observance was originally religious but has grown more and more secular in the passing centuries.

To the point where my college newspaper, back when I was in school, always did the same "radical" thing every single year. [NOTE TO RADICALS: Something you do every single year is not radical... it's tradition.] This is what they did: On the issue of the paper closest to Valentine's Day, they'd buy a few boxes of condoms, lay out the unwrapped condoms in the shape of a heart, take a picture of it can have a 60-point headline saying "Valentine's Day is here!"

Yeah, really radical. Or is that... predictable?

Anyway, we've seen it go from a minor Catholic holiday celebrating the patron saint of lovers to the whole gross commercialism thing with nekkid babies shooting heart-shaped arrows, to a condom-fest.

So is there some negative aspects of V-Day?


But who exactly is "making" anyone celebrate anything over in India?

Certainly not the US.

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*laughing* actually all holidays are "made up" if you want to be realistic, but hey, as you said, we are not forcing this celebration on anyone.

Personally I'm rather tired of the "if he loves you he'll spend lots of money for candy, flowers and diamonds to prove it" school of thought. If you want to be bought, at least be honest about it and post the price in advance.

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Clearly anything can be conjured up or commercialized. How much we choose to go along with the commercial aspect and disregard the individual positive sentiments holidays encourage is up to us individually.

Not to over-dignify something like Valentine's Day or similar, perhaps in our sophistication we overlook the natural human need for ritual in our lives. Clearly many of the events and dates we "ritualize" are not simply about the stated observance, but give us an opportunity and reminder to focus our thoughts on a theme. Birthdays are just dates on a calendar, but they give us a reminder and an opportunity to focus our attention on one person for a day and remind them of how much we value them. I find that to be important, even if we often need to "prompt ourselves" to do it.

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so true, thrice, so true.

I'm not a hater of V-Day as it were. I simply dislike the commercialism. I choose to treat my husband well all year instead of being a b*tch for 364 ad nice for one. Very Happy

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