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Jasmine 26
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Post Jasmine 26 
This is the new restaurant at 26th and Nicollet that is owned by the same people who run the fabulous Jasmine Deli around the corner.

I have a dinner date there this evening, and I was poking around on line to see if they have a website (they don't) or if it has been reviewed (it hasn't).

So I'll report back after my dinner there tonight, so my fellow online menu-researchers can have something to get excited about!

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Jasmine 26 is a charming, upscale gem, located next to The Bad Waitress, across from the Black Forest Inn on 26th St.

The drink menu, while not hugely extensive, does contain some interesting, unique and tasty concoctions, including a pineapple rum mojito, a sweet n' salty plum margarita, original martinis, and liquor-laced bubble teas, in addition to your standard wine and beer. Beware the mocha buzz bubble tea: the vanilla rum is a bit overpowering, and it tastes a lot like drinking a Wendy's chocolate frosty, with a lil' something extra from your pocket flask.

For an appetizer, we got the mock duck veggie rolls, which were served pre-sliced (like a sushi roll), with a very tasty, thick peanut dipping sauce. It was perfect for four people, and easy to share, thanks to the pre-slicing.

For my entree, I got the peanut curry, which is described on the menu as containing roast duck, eggplant, and sweet potatoes. I substituted mock duck for the roast duck, and was very happy with my meal. The peanut curry sauce was just perfect, as was the portion of rice that came with it. I was hoping that the price tag of $15 might be diminished a bit by my substitution, but no dice. My boyfriend got the ginger chicken, after being told that they were out of his first choice (the green curry chicken). With a menu as limited as theirs, we were a bit surprised that they'd be out of one of the two curry dishes on the menu, but the ginger chicken did not disappoint.

As for the atmosphere, I found myself wishing for fewer television screens showing the football game, and some more music.

All in all, we had a good experience. I'll go back, but steer clear of the spiked frosty next time.

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