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Minneapolis No. 3 Worst City for Dating
Where do you find a date?

Search endlessly online 22% 22% ( 2 )
Bar hopping 0% 0% ( 0 )
Next setup by friends 11% 11% ( 1 )
Coffee shop while pretending I'm reading NY Times 44% 44% ( 4 )
I will hit the PowerBall before I find a date 22% 22% ( 2 )

Total Votes : 9
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Post Minneapolis No. 3 Worst City for Dating 
When it comes to dating for singles, Twin Cities ranks right at the bottom, only better than two other cities, Kansas City and Wichita. It seems like everyone is married or dating or not wanting a relationship.

Online dating was hot for a while. But then Match.com started sending fake emails to entice users to pay for the subscription fee. It turned itself into a big scam site. Then came the speed dating which is not for the faint-hearted. What comes next? Perhaps go to the Whole Foods and pretend looking very hard for that organic salad dressing.

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I voted #3. Mostly because I've tried all the other options.

I would definitely only pretend to read the NY Times because heaven knows it's full of crap.

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I've got a really silly idea...try talking to someone you don't know...anywhere...anytime.

I've met people in bars, on the bus, in the elevator, shopping, getting my car fixed...

I am not model material by any means...nor am I a 20-something ingenue.
I dress professionally and behave the same way, but I still talk to people and smile.

They are not all fabulous "bring home to the folks" material, but hey, you never know where you'll find the person that's right for you.

Sometimes if you quit looking you find them anyway.

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What LadyM said...

I do that all the time. I just wanted to give my two cents about the poll.

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LadyM wrote:
I've got a really silly idea...try talking to someone you don't know...anywhere...anytime.

Boy, if I could do that, I would have married 5 more times. I am too SHY to talk to strangers.

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bwoodsdesign & Terry...I meant no disrespect in my response either, just to be clear. I remember "single" and it was tough sometimes. And yes, I was pretty shy and self conscious but eventually figured that the worst they could do is laugh...and that's not fatal, just embarrassing.

and yes, as soon as I stopped looking for someone is when I started meeting more enjoyable people instead of psychos, nuts and jerks. I guess I was just giving off the "I desperately need a boyfriend/lover/sig other " vibe... Laughing

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Post An Observance of Twin Cities Women... 
Rolling Eyes ..from my own experience and many friends , plus observations ..I have never seen so many sexless, cold, lefty, quasi-lesbo, feminist, women-who-hated-their-fathers bagged women as in MPls ( St. Paul has its share but not like the big M). My current mate is from Iowa thankfully, so I'm glad I'm not i nthe dating scene in this city anymore..no wonder TC got voted 3rd worse place for singles in recent on line polls..ladies, try being sweeter, less materialistic, and yes, sex is good (rather than living alone with your 3 cats and never doing much of anything except getting your car filled with gas and watching stupid sit coms)..
Herbal Vaporizer

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Ugh- Garva, where have you been meeting these women? I have some dating advice to add. First figure out what three qualities are necassary for you. Then learn how to live with the rest of the person.

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Post TwinCitiesSingles.com 
Hello everyone!

I would like to welcome you to create a free account out on my website TwinCitiesSingles.com

Meeting people locally has always been a challenge... I particularly like the poll on the top of this forum that some people felt they might win the PowerBall before they find a date here in the Twin Cities....haha Laughing

I hope that will change... and to change it, I'm giving away free memberships... You can connect with local singles easily online.. And the best part is they are all right here... from the Twin Cities area.

Thanks for checking out the website!

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