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Reusing Manila File Folders
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Post Reusing Manila File Folders 
Despite computer storage capabilities, we all have paper records and clippings we need to sort and store. Many of us use tan manila file folders to accomplish this, and write the subject of the file on the protruding tab.

Once you've written on the tab in ink, it's rather difficult to change it so that it's readable if you want to use the folder for a different subject.

I've recently found a better way to do it than to re-label. Just take your manila folder, scratch out the old file name in pen, and then flip the folder inside out. The result is a folder that is just as usable as the original, and has a fresh new tab waiting for you to write the new file name on exposed at the top as before.

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The flip is a tried and true method.

There are also file folder labels available from Avery and other companies, which have a per-unit cost that is far below the file folder's cost.

Thanks for the reminder, it's time to file the remaining 2008 stuff, shread what's no longer needed, etc...

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