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Post Colonoscopy 

Often the subject of much giggling and groaning, the diagnostic procedure of colonoscopy is a vital lifesaving test that everyone in middle age and older should have. Early detection of colorectal cancers is critical to the survival of patients. The procedure, which involves some unpleasant fasting and purging before the actual test, is reportedly not nearly as unpleasant as advertised under proper medication, and the negative effects are usually gone within hours of the event.

I have a good friend in his 50's with a family history of colon cancer. He underwent a colonoscopy as a routine ritual of his age, and the doctor discovered and removed 3 possibly pre-cancerous polyps. He had experienced no discomfort or symptoms beforehand, and without the test would have had no clue that the growths were forming in his colon that could have developed into deadly cancer.

Encourage those you love to make this simple and important test a priority as a regular part of their healthcare routine.

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