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Weekend experimentation
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Post Weekend experimentation 
It's autumn. I'm feeling domestic and cozy, wanting to pad my nest with good smells and flavor sensations. Also, I want to learn to cook more things, expand my horizons, branch out a bit.

This weekend I want to spend some time playing in the kitchen. I've already decided on this http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chicken-Satay/Detail.aspx for one of the dishes I want to make, but I want to do some salad or bread or grilled veggie thing along with it. Preferably all of them!

So...ideas, recipes?

What do you like to cook in the fall?

(Padre, your pad thai recipe has become one of my favorites. I made it for a potluck this past weekend and it was the first thing gone.) Very Happy

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Random Stuff, no recipes handy but should be Net-available:

One item that is quite available this fall at farm stands and markets is squash- very cheap. There are lots of varieties, and they bake easily. Lots of different flavors. I hated them as a kid, but like them now.

One thing I've taken a liking to is bread dipped in seasoned olive oil, Italian style. Lots of recipes on the market for the dip seasoning. Bad for the breath, but very tasty.

Find an apple orchard and buy some real apple cider. It's much better than the store bought stuff. And if you pour a little off the top, you can freeze it and drink it all winter.

Turkey is also quite available, and will become moreso as TGiving approaches. It's probably the best value in meat right now. Prices of everything else have skyrocketed. I generally have little problem finding wings, thighs and drumsticks for under $2 per pound. Ground turkey is great for chili, too.

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