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Burger Jones
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After a jaunty 10 mile run around the chain of lakes in Minneapolis this afternoon, we stumbled, famished, into Burger Jones, the relatively new Parasole venture in the old Applebees space by Lake Calhoun.

We were seated immediately (surprising for 5:30 on a Saturday), and our server was just as sweet and jolly as could be. I went for the bison burger, and my companion got the turkey burger. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of bison burgers, and this one takes the cake. Perfectly done (your ordering options are "pink" and "not pink"--I went with pink), topped with a local gruyere and red onion marmalade. I got the russet fries on the side, choosing them over other side options that include onion rings, cheese curds, maple bacon sweet potato fries, and parmesan waffle fries, each of which you can request with one of a wide array of dipping sauces. My date got the sweet potato fries with his burger, which I usually love, but the bacon taste was too strong for my liking.

We got a couple of happy hour beers, but stopped short of ordering one of the delicious looking malts or shakes. 10 miles only earns you so much indulgence. But it's on the to-do list for sure.

It's important to note that the burgers hover around $9.99 before you include your sides, which cost extra. There are also condiment options that range from free (carmelized onions) to $2.00 (turkey bacon or chicken fried bacon), with a couple more levels in between. These aren't cheap burgers.

Parasole has taken the American standard burger and malt shop and executed it with its usual panache. Lots of delicious options, and a creative take on a classic genre. Just be prepared to pay for it.

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I've eaten at this Burger Jones once before, and at lunch hour, had to wait for a table to enjoy the privilege. As you say, the burgers are very tasty and they have a wide variety of offerings.

I was, however, somewhat put off by the staffing. It was clear to me that some knuckle dragging chauvinist pig had put a great deal of effort into assembling possibly the hottest collection of table serving employees in the Metro Area. The thought of that kind of blatant sexism right here in Berkleyapolis unsettled me badly, and I could barely finish my burger, fries and milk shake. Not sure if this sad situation or the $15 price tag has kept me from returning.

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Really? Our server looked lke she was a regular appreciator of Burger Jones' wares. She made quite the googly face when we mentioned we had just run 10 miles. The only other time I'd been there, I sat at the bar and dealt withthe very friendly but not excessvely comely male bartender. Maybe you were there on a lucky day!

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