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Car Surfing
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Post Car Surfing 

This dude racked up $2 million in medical care charges car surfing. Have you looked at your insurance premium lately? You should, since you helped pay for helping this fool avoid Darwinian de-selection.

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Would be nice to know who's insurance covered Andrew.

Doubtful anyone in Minnesota helped to fund it.

This is clearly a stupid and risky activity. But where would an insurance company be allowed to draw the line - skateboarding? Skydiving? Playing football? Travel to dangerous countries without adequate sanitation and medical facilities?

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"Doubtful anyone in Minnesota helped to fund it. "

At the end of the day, all health care spending winds up in the same pot. I'm sure some form of federal grants are received by virtually all hospitals, and wind up paying for the losses incurred on multimillion dollar patients whose cost of care far exceeds the premiums they or parents have paid in. The source, of course, of the famous $50 aspirin which we all end up buying when hospitalized.

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I am assuming the kid was covered by some sort of private insurance.

That policy paid all of his medical costs, less any deductibles, copays, or service beyond contracted limits.

Anything unpaid by his parents either goes into collection or ends up written off by the hospital and the various corporations who do business there.

If you've ever seen a hospital bill, you'll know that they are just one - and often a very small - piece of the puzzle. You'll see separate bills from each doctor, anesthetist, etc...

Everyone's services and prices are marked way up, and then they actually get paid smaller "negotiated" amounts for their services from the insurance companies. It's a huge complicated process, with lots of room for bills to go unpaid and everyone still drives home at night in their late-model German autos.

Unless the kid was on Medicare, I'm very doubtful anyone in Minnesota ever sees a part of his medical bill.

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