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Programming workshop for women (and friends)
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I took a Python programming course with these folks through that whole experimental college thing that's been going on around the cities recently. It was a good course with friendly and helpful people. Unfortunately it turns out I hate Python with a passion that burns like a thousand stars. But lots of other people like Python. It's a pretty easy to understand programming language so if you've been looking something to put on your resume, it might be worth your while to check this out.

This couple focuses on teaching women due to the imbalanced male to female ratio in the IT/IS market, but everyone is welcome to attend.

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All women (self-identified, full-spectrum - cis, trans, and otherwise) are invited to join us. Folks who identify as non-female are welcome so long as they are a guest of a female-identified person.

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Yeah, generally I get really irked with the whole taking advantage of sexism against men being okay thing. But I've followed these peeps on the Internet for a while now and their rhetoric doesn't make my skin crawl. They believe that while there is a significant amount of sexism in the IT/IS market, there's also another barrier stopping women from entering the IT/IS market in the first place: Women's own stereotyping of IT/IS.

A couple years back they cited some studies on women in college. The results showed that many of the women would have a passing interest in IT/IS, but when they thought about what that would entail, they generally visualized things like cluttered desks with stacks of Mountain Dew cans and four week old pizza boxes. This would then immediately turn them off to looking further down the IT/IS path. But when placed in to a proper working environment to learn in, most of these women's interest in IT/IS would grow in to a much more focused interest.

Quite the different approach than the typical, "such and such a minority is repressed because of the evil white males" excuse that we cannot seem to escape. They actually come out and say, "Sexism is a barrier. But the first barrier is this, which has nothing to do with sexism. So let's make a comfortable learning environment for women, and we'll knock down sexism when we get there."

My only wish is that they would teach something useful. Python is so worthless. While Python isn't that hard to learn, PHP is easier and there's a bigger market for it. There's also the upshot that a lot of PHP code can double as C code. So a transition to something like C#, which has an even bigger market, wouldn't be such a big leap.

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