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Bronson Orlando McNeal - Victims Fight Back
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Post Bronson Orlando McNeal - Victims Fight Back 
Updated: March 13, 2009. Since this thread has become very long. To save your time to get the gist of this story, this FOX 9 news story is added.

The following is the original post that started this thread:

Bronson McNeal didn't invent sweetheart swindle, but certainly he has taken this despicable scam to a new level. His game is simple - courting women with his charm, fooling them into believing his a $million catch, making them pay for his gambling tabs, cars, and other expenses, then dumping them after their money is drained. The amounts of money that Bronson McNeal has scammed out of his victims range from several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As to how many women have been victimized, no one knows the exact number. At least 7 women have been identified in the Twin Cities as his victims, and one victim believes there are more victims living out of state, according to FOX 9's Tom Lyden's report - Thief of Hearts.

Since FOX 9's Tom Lyden exposed Bronson McNeal's swindle scheme last November, we have seen different opinions expressed at this forum as to who are at fault. Some blame Bronson McNeal for living like a blood-sucking parasite, while others blame his victims for letting their guard off and falling for this loser.

Don't we all make questionable choices? If I decided to leave my door unlocked for a month while on vacation, would you call that decision stupid? But leaving my door unlocked does not give a thief the right to come to my home and walk out with my big-screen TV.

The reason I am starting this post is that I am tired of reading all the messages that blame or even laugh at Bronson McNeal's victims. I am calling upon everyone who has read about or heard of his sweetheart scam to show support to all those who have been or who are being victimized. The whole Twin Cities owes those who have come forward a big "Thank You!" for alerting the public what kind of game he is playing and what damages this man has caused. These victims have done a tremendous public service by risking their own embarrassment. They have shown tremendous courage by not allowing others to shame them into silence.

From what I have read from this forum, some victims are willing to work together to put this scam artist to where he belongs. So, if you have any advice as to what they should do or how to proceed, please let them know here. If you don't, give them a word of encouragement here. Believe me, no matter how strong you are, sometimes a few kind words go a long way!

To those who have been victimized by Bronson McNeal - You are not alone! Be strong, be careful!

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I have been trying to piece this deal together. Based on the stories on the news and the people I have talked to he has taken $250k, $150k, $103k, $68k, $80k, and $38k from 6 different women. There are several others who have posted on this site that have said he got them too but haven't stated a dollar amount. No wonder these women are pissed. If you are a part of this, stand up.

There are an awful lot of people who work for a living that can only dream of such an income level.

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Post HI 
Have you asked any of the people you have talked to if they will actually step forward so we can do something about him? I asked for people to message me and havent gotten a response. If noone is going to do anything, I guess we will have to be simply happy that his name is out there

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Post Submit a Fraudster to the Internet Swindlers Database 
This sounds like a good way to reach out to other victims of Bronson McNeal.

The Internet Swindlers Database is a proprietary database that contains the names, e-mails, screen names, addresses, physical description, etc. of people who repeatedly take advantage of others via the Internet.

This database is not viewable on the Internet in order to protect the identities of the subjects from erroneous claims. However, CUFF will search the database for you, at your request, and e-mail you if we find the requested information in the database. We will provide you with the contact e-mail of any other victims of your fraudster and we will e-mail them your contact e-mail.

Submit a Fraudster to the Internet Swindlers Database

Also check out how CUFF (Citizens United to Find Fugitives & Fight Fraud) can help you.

CUFF is a grassroots anti-fraud movement founded by fraud victims. CUFF has worked with thousands of victims who are appalled by the deficiencies in the criminal justice system that allow thieves to steal "legally." Over and over victims are told by police and prosecutors that their theft is a civil dispute which should be taken to civil court, not criminal court. The result is that serial thieves, who are generically dubbed as "con artists," are able to financially devastate victims over and over again with little worry about being prosecuted.

This web page has detailed info as to how CUFF can help you fight back.

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Post Good idea and a warning. 
I submitted Mr. McNeal to the CUFF website. the more victims that do it, the better. What would be better is if victims would join us in approaching the Attorney General.

Sources tell me that Mr McNeal is doing more questionable things in the effort to get his name off the net. He successfully got things removed from other websites (or so he thought but more on that later) but this one has stood strong. Thank you people that run this site!!!

Continue to protect your identity. His actions indicate that he may be getting desperate so do not discount the possiblity of violence. Remember he defamed women based on the hunch that they were the ones posting things so who is too say out of desperation he wont be try to attack women or have them attacked. We are endangering his lifestyle so please be aware of your surroundings.

Ok back to my previous aside. He got stuff taken off Vox but its still out there. If you google him the Vox posting still comes up. If you go into the cache, you may be able to see what was written and what Mr. Mcneal so desperately wanted hidden. Nothing ever leaves the internet.

Stay safe and stay strong.

Sorry for the bad english, I am 1/2 sick but wanted to get this out there.

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Post Asking for Help 
I have also thought to contact Grand Casino Hinckley to see if they would do anything to either ban Mr McNeal or help victims. It would be in their best interest as well as yours.

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Post wondering 
Just curious why would it be in Hinckleys best interest to ban Bronson? They are making money off of him so they don't care whos money it is.

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Post Bronson McNeal - Bad Business for Casinos 
Bad press, bad business, and they make enough that banning one person would not really hurt them that much, but might gain them more business through the good press they'd receive by their action.

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Post How are most criminals tripped up?? 
Answer: By their own stupidity.

Trust me, this one's no different.

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Post Casinos should ban Bronson McNeal 
Casinos don't like people pooping in their well. They are usually very efficient at escorting crooks and hustlers off their premisis.

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Post Bronson McNeal - What goes around comes around 
whatcomesaround wrote:

How are most criminals tripped up??

Answer: By their own stupidity.

Trust me, this one's no different.

Agreed!!! Bronson McNeal has mastered his game of deception, but he is hardly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Want a clue? Here is one. If he had kept all the money that he had conned out of women, he would have been a multi-millionaire by now. But he throws all his money away at casinos. If that is not utter stupidity, I don't know what stupidity is. In the gambling world, anyone with half a brain knows the rule: the house always wins.

The time will come when he has to face the consequences of what he has done. Perhaps he has already conned enough women - it is just a matter of time when all his victims will come together to put him away. Or perhaps his next victim will turn out to be the one that he should have never messed with. What goes around does come around!!!

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Post Good luck 
It appears as if this board has lost its momentum. Maybe that is because you got your anger out and it seems as if there are no legal actions available to you. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you find your justice. I wish good things to you all and hope you find your pot of gold.

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Post Bronsonsux 
I agree that the momentum seems to have died down. But I would caution against blaming fellow victims. Admittedly, geting this off my chest was quite cathartic but I put the true blame on the justice system. They are of absolutely no assistance They won't even investigate so I understand peoples reticence about putting any effort into this when the law enforcement community is absolutely indifferent. The legal system is actually his friend and that is sad.

I will put out a final call for victims willing to come forward to contact me via this website. If you aren't willing to step forward I guess we will have to be happy with the fact that Mr. McNeal's name is finally out there and nothing leaves the internet. Barring a sudden deluge of messages from fellow victims, good luck everyone!!

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I did not mean to offend anyone. My comments were not directed toward the victims but toward the lack of legal avenues for the victims to pursue. I cannot imagine their frustration.

I wish everyone well and I hope you are able to recover from this monster.

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Post Orlando McNeal 
Heard from someone who knows Bronson McNeal that he has started using Orlando McNeal or Orlando Bronson McNeal. Perhaps all the publicity this thief has been getting is forcing him to change his game plan. So, all the efforts of exposing his scam didn't end in vain.

Different name, same scam. Be careful!!!

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Post Thanks! 
thank you for the update, and a ty also to the one who knows him and let you know what he is doing now. please continue,anyone, to give out information as it crops up.

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Post Middle name 
Thank you for the update. Orlando is his middle name folks.

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Post LOL... 
yes, although his actual middle name is scum-bucket. Or mud. I forget. "Scum-bucket Bronson McNeal, please return to your high stakes blackjack table..."

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Post Bronson Orlando McNeal 
Well said!

Or perhaps just Punk**s McNeal. Sorry to be crude but that is how I feel about this leech.

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Post Bronson Orlando McNeal's Cousin - James 
I heard this from someone who knows Bronson McNeal. A friend of this person dated Bronson McNeal's cousin James. Again, the same game, the same scam. James borrowed money again and again, but never returned a penny. The dating relationship quickly ended and no money was recovered. Apples don't fall far from the tree. Hope these scam artists don't pass on their cheating genes.

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Post I am sure he is passing it on 
Oh I am sure he is passing his ways onto his son. Since his babies momma permits him to spend time with thier son (and the only reason I dont think a good mom would let him around thier kid is he is a thief) and is likely benefitting from his lifestyle I am sure his kid is in his fancy private school playing rich teenage girls.

It is very sad, hopefully his kid wont be debilitated the same way his father was by early success. Hopefully all that education wont go to waste the same way his fathers gifts went to waste.

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Post Bronson McNeals games 
Thank goodness for you women who have enabled this to be public information. If it had previously been, it would have saved my own sister from becoming another one of his victims. Thank goodness he showed his true, bad colors very early and saved her from becoming more involved with him and his shenanigans. She is ready to join you all in whatever criminal or civil suits possible. Am looking forward to helping her with this.

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Post GMM 
GMM I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I am glad to hear that she did not get in too deep with him! If in fact you have a friend who is going to play Bronson at his own game, more power to you, please let us all know how that goes! Also, if you find anymore avenues to nail this loser, please count me in. I have started a letter writing campaign to all of my local representatives, see if they can do anything.

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Post letter writing campaign 
I like the idea of a letter writing campaign. I will write my representative and the Attorney General of Minnesota. Perhaps someone will notice if they get enough letters.


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Post One year later 
It has been a year since the story ran on Fox 9 and this forum started. Do you think it slowed him down at all? Do those who exposed him feel that it was worth it? Just curious.

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Post One year on. 
Anyone gotten Alicia Keys new Album? Its good. One song sums up how I feel about McNeal -Gate one year later.

I still think he deserves to be punished but I am so thankful for what I do have now, things he will never have. Like true love, the love of my family & friends. Love of himself. His gambling addiction and to playing women will keep him from feeling the true joys of life.

He broke my heart
and now its raining
just to rub it in
i'm at your door
I feel so crazy about it
you'll say I told you so
you saw it long ago
you knew he had to go
I finally came around
I'm back on solid ground
cant let it get me down
its alright (repeat 6 times)

Yes I was burned, but I call it a lesson learned
mistake overturned, so I call it a lesson learned
my soul has returned so I call it a lesson learned
another lesson learned

some lies can take a minute to fully realize
his tears
your eyes
thirty seconds to apologize
you'll give him one more chance
just like the time before
but he already knows
you'll give 100 more
until that night in bed
you'll wake up in a sweat
you're racing to the door
can't take it anymore

I was burned but I call it a lesson learned
mistake overturned, so I call it a lesson learned
my soul had returned so I call it a lesson learned
another lesson learned

lifes perfect, aint perfect you dont know what the struggles for
falling down aint fallin down if you don't cry when you hit the floor
it's called the past cause i'm gettin past
and I aint nothing like I was before.
you ought to see me now

yes I was burned, but I call it a lesson learned
mistake, I returned so I called it a lesson learned
my soul has returned so I call it a lesson learned
another lesson learned

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Post Bronson Orlando McNeal is still at it 
I have read so many blogs and posts about this guy and he is such a tool. I feel sorry for his family, hopefully his children don't turn out to be just like him. How sad. Anyway, he is still on the dating websites, most recently BBP. I am a close friend of a victim, actually nearly a victim. He's still playing the same old games. Preying on vulnerable women. Unfortunately he gets away with it because the voluntarily give him money. My friend spent a very short amount of time w/him and her wheels were turning from the get go. The talk turned to going to the casino almost immediately. He has no shame, no conscience, no remorse what so ever. I did some research on him and found out the following: $167,435 in civil judgements from women dating back as far as 1999. The State of MN has a tax lien against him. He also filed bankruptcy in 1997 which was then dismissed in 1999. He doesn't have a valid driver's license. I about fell on the floor when I googled his name. I couldn't believe it. He's shameless, still up to the same old game. What a sorry excuse for a human being and father.

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Post sjt123 
I am sorry that your friend ran into him. Can you provide more information? Like where did your friend meet him and what the heck is bbp. Can you send a link to his posting?

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Post sodig 
BBP is Big Beautiful People, a website for plus sized individuals, men and women. I don't have the link to his profile any longer. He was actually removed from the website because I reported a concern. I forwarded them this blog as well as the story from FOX 9 that was done on him. This man is a predator and women need to be very careful and wary of him. I'm terrified that he is going to ruin someone else's life. My only hope is that women will be more careful and know that they don't need money to win someone's affection. Thank you very much for your reply. I have a ton of information on him. His social security #, driver's license #, past and present address, bankruptcy records. The internet is a wonderful thing!

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Post Bronson Orlando McNeal 
Good luck.

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Post Wow 
I hope you really want to help. If you have info on what he did with other womans money perhaps that could be used against him in a criminal or civil case. Don't know though, you seem to be bragging more than anything.

I hope you have since mastered the basics' of birth control since your time with his. I hope your doctors encouraged you to get testing for STD's when they gave you an abortion, you do get that he is a walking venereal disease.

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Post Lmao 
No, I will look into that thou....

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This whole thread is hilarious!

I especially like the "public service" aspect -- warning vulnerable women that Bronson may be on the prowl for sexploitationnnnnnnnnnnn (only minus the sex, seems like).

Bronson wouldn't get within a mile of me.

I wouldn't loan him a freakin' PENNY, not even if he promised to pay it back, not even if he promised to MAKE ME SOME MONEY off my "investment". If I did give him the money, hoping that I'd get some kind of huge return, I'd blame my own greed.

Not to say that he's innocent. He's a scum-sucking parasite. He just happens to know who he can exploit, and he's apparently very successful at what he does.

I wouldn't be on his radar to begin with, as I don't give off the "I'm vulnerable and I'll turn over and show you my belly if you pet me" vibe.

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