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Free Computer recycling/pickup
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Free computer recycling/pickup Damaged/Infected/broken/unwanted desktop/monitor or laptop,Can remove hard drives if needed.I deconstruct every computer I recieve(And erase hard drives)Then use the best parts I have to build refurbished computers.Then sell to people who cant afford new.Not a scam,Just a father trying to stay above~~~~~ water~~~~~~~Feel free to email any questions.Thank you

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Good luck with this, sounds like a very helpful service.

Where do you sell your finished product?

What's an example of a typical system you sell - equipment, software, price? Linux etc is said to be a great way to get more oomph out of a machine that would not be up to snuff with windows.

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Post computers 
hello,I have been using Craigslist to advertise recycling and selling.Dont have a typical system,depends on equipment coming in(try for atleast 2ghz CPU/1gbRam/40gb Hard drive/XP Home or pro.Prices for complete system so far...lowest $24.00 Highest was $85.00.Thank you

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$24 for a working computer is a heck of a deal. Add a wireless network card and a neighbor with an open router, and you're in business.


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