Michael Cuddyer's Foot Wart Problem

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Michael Cuddyer's Foot Wart Problem

Post by thrice » Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:27 am

Star Tribune:

"FORT MYERS, FLA. -- La Velle is on his way to Tampa, where the Twins will play a split squad game against the Yankees. I’m back in the Fort for Twins/Phillies.

Michael Cuddyer will be taking batting practice with the team today, another step for him in his recovery from his wart-removal surgery, and Joe Mauer (left knee surgery) plans to catch another bullpen session."


A lot of people are probably wondering what's the big deal with Michael Cuddyer getting surgery for a wart on his foot. After all, most of us associate warts with annoying little rough spots on the hand or foot. If it's a Plantar wart, it can be a lot more trouble than that.

Such warts are quite common, particularly in locker room atmospheres where many people walk about barefoot. It's spread by a contagious virus, and if untreated, can infect a person and spring up in multiple and persistent outbreak spots. Warts are progressive, and they generally continue to grow as long as they're untreated.

My brother had an infestation of these warts in his feet, and I have had them myself. In my brother's case, the warts had grown very deep into the foot, and required very deep incisions to remove them and left large, gory holes in the foot that were very painful and slow to heal. They certainly made walking difficult, much less running and playing professional sports.

If you find yourself with this problem, go see a doctor. At the early stages, they're easy to isolate and treat. You'll save yourself a lot of pain and trouble later.

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