Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

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Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Post by WhatsUp » Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:46 am

This sounds like a new trend for women. It is down right personal. Vaginal surgery can:
- make the labia smaller - Labioplasty
- make the vagina tighter - Vaginal rejuvenation
- restore the hymen and make the woman appear a virgin - Hymenoplasty (isn't this cheating?)

Why can't women just age gracefully and handle their body changes with confidence and pride?
Professor Linda Cardozo, of King's College Hospital, London, says little evidence exists to advise women on the safety or effectiveness of procedures.

These include operations to make the external appearance more "attractive" and reshaping the vagina to counter laxity after childbirth, for example.

Professor Cardozo said the most established vaginal cosmetic procedure was reduction labioplasty - a procedure to make the labia smaller - which is requested by women either for aesthetic reasons or to alleviate physical discomfort.

"Women want to emulate the supermodel. It's part of a trend. But they should know that all surgery can be risky.

"Women are paying large sums of money for this type of surgery which may improve the appearance of their genitalia but there is no evidence that it improves function."

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