Bumpy Bike Path or Dangerous Street?

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Bumpy Bike Path or Dangerous Street?

Post by NonPartisan » Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:39 pm

I biked 10 miles on West River Road the other night, and I was in a quandry. Should I ride on the rough bike path and shake my kidneys loose, or ride on the road, and take my chances with traffic?

Well, I did both. On the worst part of the path, I took to the road, but most of the time I took to the path, especially as it was nearing dusk. And some wasn't too bad.

Bike paths are great, but they need to be maintained. Not all of us have shock-loaded bikes. My kidneys will survive, but it really took the fun out of parts of the ride.

Should bicyclists be taxed for the paths? Maybe the sales tax off bike sales ought to be dedicated to maintenance.

But 10 mph limits? At that speed your wheels are hardly spinning fast enough for the gyroscopic force to keep you going straight. I have to admit, I was speeding.
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Post by thelonemonkey » Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:52 am

10mph? I saw 8mph, I'm not sure where they're coming up with those numbers but last I checked bicycling was for people over 3ft tall as well. America needs to stop worrying about building protective bubbles around children who could possibly trip on a loose twig in a bike lane, and start worrying about the quality of life of adults.

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