Vikings 2006: Over before it begins?

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Vikings 2006: Over before it begins?

Post by luciensar » Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:30 pm

The Vikings have suffered their first exhibition loss under Brad Childress. We lost a first round draft pick to an injury. And the coaching doesn't look like it can pick up the slack. The Vikings have hardly been the team to watch for a number of years now. But this season looks like it will be even more painful than any under Mike Tice. All we can do is hold out hope that this is a "rebuilding era" and not just the Vikings sliding further down the scale of mediocrity than they always have been. I'll be shocked if the Vikings take home a superbowl in my lifetime. There's no name for whatever curse surrounds this team. Instead it's just an ever-present aura of failure that's somehow attached to the purple and gold.

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Post by Frasier » Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:21 am

Just when you think Vikings are done with all the distractions, you got this dumb ass wide receiver Robinson arrested for DUI and fleeing from the police. How stupid are these players? Now the boat party is over. And the pain-in-the-ass duo Randy and Daunte is gone. You'd hope they put their act together for a good season. I get fed up with these LOSERS. Vikings fans should wake - either show them the door or get out of this town with these losers.

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