Will Payton Hillis Break NFL's Color Line?

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Will Payton Hillis Break NFL's Color Line?

Post by thrice » Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:47 pm

Peyton Hillis: 'Every Team' Made Fun of Him for Being White.By FanHouse Staff
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Text SizeAAAPrint this page|EmailShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on DiggShare on LifestreamPeyton Hillis is sort of a rarity in NFL history -- a white tailback. While there have been a few prominent ones, including John Riggins and Larry Csonka, they're the exception rather than the rule.

On The Dan Patrick Show, Hillis said he heard about it every Sunday.

"Every team did it," he said. "They'll say, 'You white boy, you ain't gonna run on us today. This is ridiculous. Why are you giving offensive linemen the ball?'

"All kinds of stuff like that you hear on the field, but I use that to my advantage. I kind of soaked it in, ate it up a little bit, because I enjoyed it."

Hillis said he's been referred to by nicknames such as "The Avalanche" and "White Rhino."

He also touched on getting overlooked in Denver and his Cleveland breakout.

"In Denver, they just wanted me to play strictly fullback, nothing else. I wasn't too happy about the situation, but I was trying to be a team player.

"I just wanted to be on the field. It ended up I didn't play anything at all."

He continued: "Coach Mangini came up to me before our first game, against the Buccaneers, and said he could see me being a 1,000-yard back. I never had a coach have that much confidence in me before. He helped me out a whole lot on a mental level."

Wonder if they're gonna have a special day for him, where all the players wear his jersey number and all that...

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