Would-be streaker runs onto field during Twins game

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Would-be streaker runs onto field during Twins game

Post by NonPartisan » Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:36 pm

Former title: Five Minutes of Stupidity

In the bottom of the ninth at the Twins game last night (August 29) in a disappointing 2-0 loss to Kansas City, some doofus ran out on the field. Umpires and players stood idly by while the fool danced all over the outfield, trying to avoid half-a-dozen stadium cops. He started taking off his clothes and I thought "Oh no! A refugee from the streaking 70's!" and prepared to shield my youngest daughter's eyes. Fortunately, before he got his pants off, a cop tackled him on the warning track, after which he was cuffed and escorted off the field.

I forget which Twin was at bat, but they had to really focus, for a chance to rally for a couple runs, and this stunt surely broke that focus. I don't know what possesses idiots to try things like this, but it isn't funny, it isn't sportsmanship, and it certainly has gotten him in big trouble with The Law. Did it cost the Twins a crucial game, as every game is crucial in this pennant race? I don't know, but it sure didn't help.

I was bugged by the fans who were cheering the kook on. I didn't know whether to boo or cheer. If I booed, would people think I was booing the cops, when I wanted to boo the fool? If I cheered, would people think I was cheering the jerk, when I wanted to cheer the police? I can't remember what I did, but I went through this little debate in my head, and shut my mouth.

I hope he gets banned from public sports events, at least for the life of the Metrodome, maybe for his life. If he wants to run, let him go out for track. If he wants to take off his clothes in public, let him join a nudist colony. Join one in Minnesota; I'm sure the mosquitoes and deer flies would appreciate that. And he wouldn't be running for fame, or run, he'd be running for his life.

Update. I was told it happened again at the very next game.

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