Vikings strategy?

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Vikings strategy?

Post by jak » Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:51 pm

The Vikings seem to be lacking gusto this season.

Sure, they won against 2 teams that made the playoffs last year, and sure, the two losses werent blowouts, but they werent that interesting either.

I watched them kick a field goal (Ryan Longwell was apparently the most advantagous addition to the roster this year) and then play keep away for the next two hours.

And then they kicked another field goal. And I felt really betrayed. This year, I've felt let down.

I remember waiting all spring, all summer long. I watched the draft in April and got excited about Chad Greenway and Tarvais Jackson. I got excited about Tank Williams joining the team and felt relieved when Daunte Culpepper exited gracefully (or whatever).

I'm sure you all saw the same game I did, but what were your feelings during the game? I'm probably being melodramatic, but this season was something I looked forward to all year.

Watching the game on Sunday, as the third quarter was ending, I did something I hadn't done in 4 years: I changed the chanel.

No, not during a comercial. I changed it with over 2 min left in the third quarter and one full quarter left on the game clock.

Why? I was bored.

My brother later told me they had lost, and that they had also gotten a touchdown late in the fourth.

I know its only been 4 games, but I'm starting to get restless. I want my team back. I want to feel that excited, jubliated feeling one should get when watching the Minnesota Vikings.

Right now, I can feel it subsiding.

Detroit on Sunday.

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