Fishing Tonka

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Fishing Tonka

Post by OdinofAzgard » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:35 pm

Just started fishing it recently and am amazed at the action, particularly in the middle of the summer.

Caught a 44-inch musky last week on only my third time on the lake this year. I was trolling my favorite lure and a small pike hit and then she hit the pike, hooking herself. She jumped once and went under my 14-ft. boat, but I managed to finally turn her over belly-up with one hand, get a good grip under her gill flap and hoist her in. Beautiful healthy fish. Biggest musky I've caught, beating my decade-old personal record of 15 pounds, caught on a hammered blue-and-silver spoon on LOTW.

Otherwise, action wasn't great that day compared to my two previous trips. (I only caught about a dozen bass and pike combined, although I'd have undoubtedly caught more if half my suckers hadn't died when I went too long adding ice to the minnow bucket. I went through the half dozen I had left in about half an hour, bobber fishing around 11 a.m.) Here's a chronology of my fishing two days before. After releasing each fish, I checked the time on my cell phone and wrote it down:

Got on the lake at 9:30 a.m.









All of the above were pike caught trolling the 13 ft. weedline, none over 3 pounds

Missed two hits

11:05 -- first bass

11:18 -- another

11:43 -- bass "quick released" by boat


12:20 pike

12:42 pike


2:27 bass

4:00 pike

4:25 bass

5:50 bass

6:30 off the lake and off to work.

Biggest bass was about 2 pounds. Some of the fish caught after my nap were on suckers slip-bobber fishing.

My first time on the lake (the previous week), I had comparable action, but my biggest were a 5 and half pound pike and a 3 pound bass. I could probably catch a hundred or so little bass a day using crappie minnows on Tonka, fishing the 13-ft. weedline, but I haven't figured out where the big ones hang out yet. Docks, maybe?

I'm more of a pike fisherman, anyway, although now that I've lucked into a big musky, I'll be focusing on those a little more in the future. And if I ever get my website set up (mostly to sell the PIKE STRIKE! underwater action DVD I taped and produced), I'll be able to show you pics.

YFG (Your Fishing God),


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