Twins Done, I'm done . . with pro-sports

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Twins Done, I'm done . . with pro-sports

Post by NonPartisan » Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:25 am

After three straight losses to Oakland, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said it all. "We picked a bad time to have some bad ball games."

One great thing about the Twins is that after a bad string of games, such as the dismal beginning of the season, they'd come back, and win some more. But that doesn't work in the playoffs: three games down and they were done.

Of course I am disappointed, but not too much. How could I be after a season like the Twins had?

And I'll never forget that last game of the regular season against Chicago, when a stadium full of Twins fans, and the Twins players themselves hung around to watch the Kansas City - Detroit game on the scoreboard. Twins fans cheering for the Royals, the next to worst team in baseball, that had humbled the Twins, and then finished off Detroit. What a day.

But now, the baseball season is over for me, and and I won't be listening to sports until next April. Football, basketball, soccer, hockey and the loony games they call "sport" these days--POKER?--are boring, especially football. Football is so predictable, after a certain time has passed because it is a game played against the clock. There comes a point in each game where, if one team has a big lead, the outcome is inevitable. There are just so many timeouts in a game, so many passes that can be thrown out of bounds, and the game is over. But in baseball, a team can be far behind, and come back in the ninth, and win. There is something about that unpredictability that makes baseball superior.

And while big money and "performance enhancing" drugs have done much damage to baseball, the Twins have remained outside those frays. Yeah, Joe Mauer will probably get a whole lot more next year, but still, what makes the Twins so enjoyable is the way they play as a TEAM, in a sport that has too many mega-buck players, on which a whole franchise hangs. But so often, after they get the bazillion dollar contract, their play gets mediocre. Remember Jose Canseco? Mauer got paid $400,000 this year!

I think the problem with the money, is that players get it, and too many aren't hungry anymore. The Twins played like they were all hungry. For the first time in years, I was able to memorize the players names, and positions, again, because they were so much of a team. (And Detroit has beat out the big money New York Yankees. Yay!!)

I'll be playing volleyball through the winter, another sport that doesn't use a clock, and as to the Twins . . . Well, there's always next year.

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Post by sdlifecycle » Sun Oct 08, 2006 2:34 pm

Mauer and Morneau were at the Wild hockey game last night. The camera guy found them and put them on the big screen. They got a standing ovation. It was pretty great. Unfortunately, because they were now noticed, they had to be escorted out because annoying fans wouldn't leave them be to enjoy the game. They kept asking for autographs.

Twins picked a bad time for a slump is right...Go Wild (Vikes, I just never can get too excited, they find a way to screw up).

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