Another Oxy Murder?

Crime - the media loves it, people fear it, and criminals get away with it!
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Another Oxy Murder?

Post by thrice » Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:38 pm


Four people killed during a pharmacy store robbery in suburban New York City, including a teenager due to graduate high school this week, were shot at very close range by a dangerous suspect intent on stealing painkillers, a police official said Monday.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer also warned physicians and the owners of small drugstores in the area to be vigilant about anyone "expressing an urgent need for prescription painkillers." He said added police patrols would be deployed near small pharmacies until a suspect is apprehended.

Dormer called Sunday's killing at the Long Island pharmacy "one of the most heinous, brutal crimes we have ever encountered."

Bbbbut I thought that once you made a drug legal, people would stop committing crimes to get it. What happened?

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