You Pays Your Money...

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You Pays Your Money...

Post by thrice » Mon May 05, 2008 5:05 pm

...and you take your chances.

Working on a furious home improvement binge. Our two resident cats were hard at their normal routine yesterday, alternating between lolling about, crying for food, and looking for creative new places in the house to poop instead of those boring old litter boxes.

Seeing that both were in a state of repose, I started painting the stairs to the second floor with a nice brown enamel.

Sure as hell, it wasn't 10 minutes before the tabby Cleo decided she had forgotten something important on the second floor. Of course, shouting and waving my arms as she approached accomplished nothing other than to propel her up the freshly painted stairs faster rather than stopping her.

I bet on luck, and lost.

Take any chances lately? How did they turn out?

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