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Post by dorajar » Thu May 15, 2008 8:38 am

I woke up at 4:30 AM to Georgie The Cat snuggled into the nook formed between my boyfriend and me when we sleep. Mike was holding him like a teddy bear, and both of Georgie's paws were stretched out onto my shoulder. He was purring like a food processor. Just as happy as happy could be. I drifted back off to the contented sound of his purrs.

What sounds do you love?

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Post by dorajar » Thu May 15, 2008 9:25 am

Sweet kitteh purrs
the crackle of a fire
a whole audience shrieking with laughter
the snap and hiss of potstickers being pan-fried
the sizzle of a cast-iron skillet brimming with fajitas
popcorn popping
wine swishing into a glass
a beer being popped
the way the ice cubes crackle when you pour whiskey over them
an airplane gunning it for take-off after a long time idling on the tarmac
finger-picking on a guitar
my friend Lisa's singing
the beep when I get a text message
the beep when I get a new e-mail at work
the cacophony of rollerblade wheels, bicycles, snippets of conversation, doggie panting, and footsteps you hear when walking around Lake Calhoun
footsteps in sand
the rhythm of my feet while jogging
"I love you"
wind coming in an open window in the car
the tip-tap of the keys when I'm writing something and I'm really on a roll
pen on paper
foreign languages
a lawn mower being fired up in the distance
the little click of a gas grill firing up
a plate being placed on the table before you
the sound of my name
the way everything is muffled when you sink underwater in the bathtub or swimming pool
a book's pages being rifled

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Post by hobbit » Thu May 15, 2008 9:53 pm

the sounds of birds in the very early morning, just before daylight. So much better than an alarm clock;

the music (personal favorites) I have transferred to my Shuffle that I listen to while exercising;

the muffled conversations of my 2 young adult daughters when they are together - I don't want to hear the words - I take pleasure in hearing them share sisterly conversation and laughter;

the sound tracks of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Lawrence of Arabia;

most anything that James Taylor and Paul Simon have recorded;

wind blowing through trees - in the summer when the branches lean and bow with their crowns of green leaves, and in the fall, when the leaves are brittle, and crackle as they fall to the ground;

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