Muslim Mobs Torched Churches Over Interfaith Affair

Do religions bring peace and harmony or war and chaos to our world?
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Muslim Mobs Torched Churches Over Interfaith Affair

Post by thrice » Sun May 08, 2011 6:05 am

Star Tribune:

CAIRO - Egypt's military rulers have reacted swiftly to attempts to burn down a pair of churches in a Cairo slum during sectarian riots that killed 10 people by referring 190 people to military trial.

Mobs of ultraconservative Muslims from the Salafi religious trend converged on a church in the Cairo slum of Imbaba late Saturday following rumors of an interfaith romance.

Christians barricaded themselves inside and around the church and the demonstrations turned violent. Witnesses said people on rooftops fired into the crowd.

The military said the mass arrests were to deter people from threatening the nation's security. Military trials are notorious for their speed.

At least six of the dead were Muslims.

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