Holiday Gifting Two-Fers

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Holiday Gifting Two-Fers

Post by thrice » Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:37 am

While Christmas shopping yesterday at Best Buy, I came across a pretty decent deal. It was an Ipod gift package that also offered a $20 Best Buy gift certificate with purchase. Since I considered the Ipod to be a fairly generous gift to begin with, I have no qualms at all about using the gift card as a separate gift for someone else. It effectively cut the cost of my purchase by $20 and provided a second gift as well.

I've seen a number of such "buy this- get this" offers out there. It's a pretty slick way to leverage your gift purchases this year. Also keep in mind free shipping for purchases above X $$$. By combining online purchases into one order, you save a few bucks there, and maybe even sales tax too 8)

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