No Is Not The Final Answer

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Post by thrice » Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:48 am

Priceline remains a viable if not always dependable source of low cost travel options.

I recently tried to book a rental car for an upcoming vacation on Priceline. I started my "Name Your Own Price" bid at $18 per day, well under the asking price of $35-40 per day on every other travel website. The answer was no. I progressively raised my bid in further attempts- $21, $23, $24, $25. The answers were no, no, no and no.

A couple days later I was encouraged by email to try bidding again. Disgusted with the ongoing high prices I was seeing, I resisted the urge to raise my bid and instead dropped it back down to $20 per day. Within 60 seconds, I had an email telling me that the bid had been accepted. As a result, I had a rental car for $168 that I had been previously quoted at well in excess of $300.

If you've got some lead time to work with, give Priceline a try, and keep in mind that a "NO" sometimes just means "Not Now, But Maybe Later".

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