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Minnesota Window Restoration

Post by LongfellowSarah » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:58 pm

Many of the windows on my great, old Longfellow bungalow had broken sash cords. All of them have old, leaky metal storm windows. I wanted to keep the original windows on my house intact and didn't want to fall prey to the marketing chicanery of the new window companies. I saw an ad for this company in the Southwest Journal and also checked out their web site (mnwindowrestoration.com)

They returned my call promptly and gave me an estimate over the phone. I liked what I heard and decided to hire them to do some work. They replaced all of my broken sash cords and made the old windows slide up and down like they are new! I also purchased some of their "high performance" storm windows and they are amazing - they seem to seal well and operate effortlessly. The panes are easy to remove and clean.

I give this company an A+. They do great work at a reasonable price. I would recommend them to anybody.

Sarah O.

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