Police Officers Alliance Of Minnesota

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Police Officers Alliance Of Minnesota

Post by thrice » Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:56 am

http://www.startribune.com/local/800922 ... ec8O7EyUsl

Whistleblower article on how the Police Officers Alliance Of Minnesota is using telemarketers to raise funds for their group. The pitch suggested it was a fund to help police officers and their families suffering hardship. The reality is that it is a professional lobbying group that spends most of its revenues on fundraising and the rest on lobbying legislators to pass laws beneficial to police officers. The majority of board members of the group are elected officers in police union organizations.

How lame is this? The police unions get hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from dues paid by their members, and one of their main functions is to lobby the legislature for causes that benefit their members financially and otherwise. Why do they need to call up members of the public and put on a sympathy show to beg for money to do what they're already getting paid to do?

I'm more than happy to make a contribution to some officer who has suffered an unexpected illness or tragedy and needs a helping hand, as I'm sure most of us would be. That isn't what this fund is about at all.

What a pathetic, shameless scam.

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