Smoking Everywhere Can't Stop Lying

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Smoking Everywhere Can't Stop Lying

Post by thrice » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:13 pm

My continuing saga with Smoking Everywhere just keeps on rolling, and it becomes more and more obvious that these people simply cannot stop lying to anyone who questions them.

1. I received a letter from my credit card company telling me that Smoking Everywhere is disputing my request for a debit card reversal. They enclosed a letter from SE saying that they had no record that I had called to cancel my purchase, and was charged for failing to return my e-cig within the trial period.

Oh, was I loving this. SE also enclosed a phony invoice showing my balance paid in full on the shipping date. It so happens it was the IDENTICAL invoice number as the one they had sent with the e-cig, but they had changed the figures on it. I sent the credit card company a copy of my bank statement showing that they had charged my card 4 days before they even shipped the e-cig, a copy of the real invoice they sent me (with the assurance that they would not charge the card until end of trial period), and a copy of the USPS confirmation receipt from the return of the product. It should be interesting to see how they explain the pack of lies they told the CC company.

2. Got another letter in today's mail. I had contacted MN Atty General Lori Swanson regarding Smoking Everywhere's ripoffs, so she could block them from doing business via mail order or Internet with MN residents. SE responded to Swanson that they had no record of me in their system, so they could not identify me or respond to my complaint.

My, that's strange. They sure didn't have any problem finding my purchase record when the credit card company dinged them for $99, and sent a copy of my invoice along to prove their point. Apparently all my information vanished between Jan 25, 2010 when they responded to the credit card company, and Feb 10, when they responded to the AG Office of MN.

Stay tuned!

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