Minneapolis Title Insurance Company

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Minneapolis Title Insurance Company

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Title Insurance Minneapolis MN Real Estate Title and Closing Services for Twin Cities

Trademark Title Services is a top-rated real estate title insurance company based in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota. We offer title insurance policies from only the most reliable title insurance companies in the industry. As an insurance buyer, having the best title insurance possible should be a high priority. With a single payment at the time of closing, your ownership of your home will be protected against adverse claims as long as you own the property, and even beyond. Your lender will insist on quality title insurance, of course, and the underwriters we have chosen are among the most highly respected in the industry.

We offer services for both real estate agents and home owners. For real estate agents, having a reliable title insurance company is probably the most important aspect of assuring a smooth title process for any transaction. Nothing is more important than tracking and communicating during the progress of a title transaction. We'll keep you informed of every step of the process, let you know immediately when any issues arise, and will never leave you and your client playing a long game of telephone tag.

With a purchase agreement signed, the process is turned over to a Title Services Company. Working behind the scenes, a lot happens during what is commonly know as the Escrow Period. This process takes some time, typically a month or two, to complete. It can be a time of some anxiety for both buyer and seller, so understanding the process may help.

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For each real estate transaction, a multitude of documents must be carefully and accurately prepared and assembled for the actual closing. A Closing Statement, often called a HUD-1, is also prepared, which details all costs and charges and all amounts that must be paid off at the time of closing, such as existing mortgages and liens. Some of these charges and fees are date-dependent, so timing is crucial and the closing will be set for a specific date.

At Trademark Title Services, we always recognize that the title and closing process can be overwhelming, and work tirelessly to reduce the complexity for our clients. Our well-designed process and procedures keep all parties informed of progress and move the process along smoothly, producing closings that are as simple and timely as possible.

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