Twin Cities In-Ground Pool Design Construction

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Twin Cities In-Ground Pool Design Construction

Post by mn-pools » Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:22 pm

Twin Cities In-Ground Pool Construction Company - Beautiful, Durable and Affordable Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools

With 30+ years of experience building high-quality swimming pools in the Minneapolis St. Paul, we are uniquely qualified to help you create aquatic recreation facilities for any residential or commercial property. From detailed engineering and construction of new swimming pools to complete service, repair, and renovation of existing pools, you can count on our creativity and experience to deliver the quality results you deserve. If you're considering adding a swimming pool or other aquatic recreation facilities to your property, contact us first. We'd love to show you how a top-quality pool can enhance your property.

Designing and building an in-ground pool is a complicated process. There are many choices to make, including location, landscaping, size, liner, water features, pump, heater, filter, light and salt water system. Each decision will affect the cost, the enjoyment and the maintenance. Most homeowners and commercial property owners don't have much experience. There is no worry. Our experts will guide you through the whole process every step of the way, explaining your options and cost. We will let you make the final decisions once you are well informed.

Constructing an in-ground pool in Minnesota requires the right skills, materials and experience. Your pool must withstand our harsh winter weather. We reinforce your pool structure so it is long-lasting. We also can custom-design your pool to add extra features that enhance your enjoyment.

We want to help you understand how in-ground pools are designed and built, so you can make the best choice. Most builders only try to get you to call them so a salesman can make a sale regardless whether you know what you are buying. Our approach is very different. We will like to provide solid information first and present you with options and prices. Our experienced swimming pool consultants never use high-pressure sales strategies. You will make the decisions at ease.

How much does an in-ground pool cost? The cost depends primarily on size and options. Normally, the larger the size, the higher the cost. Equipment like pump, filter, heater, automatic cover and lighting are a factor too. Additional water features, like water slide, diving board, water fountains, etc., add to the cost as well. For your backyard, landscaping features like deck and fence can affect your final price.

We are a Minneapolis St Paul locally owned and operated company that has been building concrete pools in Minnesota for over 30 years. We have a showroom in Minneapolis. Please stop by and we will show you our pool designs and construction materials.

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