90-percent off for new customers!

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90-percent off for new customers!

Post by CraigInTwinCities » Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:41 pm

I'm working for a marketing company that promotes local spa-type businesses.

If you live on the St. Paul side of the Cities, near Lexington and Larpentuer, I have a great deal right now on a message package for a spa in that area.

I doubt I'm allowed to say WHICH spa on this site, because it's a deeply discounted promotional package, designed to get new customers in the door.

Here's the basics:

Four separate appointments, four months in which to use it, four different styles of message for 90% off normal prices at this place.

First appointment is a standard relaxation message. They'll do your back, neck and shoulders down to the collarbone area. Also a Vitamin E-paraffin hand dip and hand ex-foliation.

Second appointment is the deep-tissue Swedish-style message, plus a face and scalp message.

Third appointment is a pressure-point Shiatsu message, plus a face and scalp message.

Fourth appointment is a foot reflexology message working on the nerve-endings of the feet, along with a Vitamin E/paraffin dip and foot ex-foliation treatment.

You also get a beverage of your choice for free with each visit and $40 in gift certificates good toward future services.

You can do these four visits in any order you wish. The staff are licensed message therapists. You get four months to use all four visits, so it's not a rush-rush proposal.

At normal prices, this would comprise about $450 worth of services. I can make this available to anyone interested for $55 flat, while supplies last. (We work with a number of local spas, so different offers come and go.)

This is a special introductory package designed to draw new customers in. No contracts, no catches, no strings. Just a chance for you to try out the spa and for them to try and treat you right so you come back after the intro package is used up.

Anyone interested in this message package can feel free to give me a call and set up an appointment. Makes a great gift for someone special, or just a way to treat yourself to some TLC.

My number for this is 952-451-9837. Legit-interest calls only, please. Thanks!

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